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It's Time For Compromise Baby

Put him down!

It was a cold winter morning in the forest, all animals were hanging around lazily, but not for the poor rabbit. He was running fast as he can. The big grizzly bear was chasing him. “Somebody please help me,” the poor rabbit screamed. “Hey baby, don’t worry, I am here to help you,”  a baby elephant appeared from nowhere who took the rabbit by its trunk.

“Now you are safe baby, nobody can snatch you from me,” the baby elephant reassured the rabbit. “How dare are you to touch my hunt? Put him down at once, or I will teach you a lesson,” the bear was angry at the baby elephant.

“Suddenly the bear noticed something that made him calm. The big brother elephant was standing tall behind the baby elephant staring at the grizzly bear. The bear well knew the consequences of messing up with a rogue elephant. “Hey baby, it’s a gift for you from me. I am in a hurry, let me go,” said the bear and disappeared into the bush.

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