This River Is Not Just Enough For Me!

elephant bathing
It's So Refreshing

Playing In Water Makes Me Cool!

The baby elephant was enjoying a cool refreshing bath in the river. He loves to take bath as often as he can, sometimes in dirt and after that in the river.

He saw two fishes were frantically swimming away from his footsteps. “Hey, why are you afraid of me? I am putting every step carefully, I won’t crush you down,” he said to the fishes. But the fishes couldn’t understand what the baby is yelling at them, so they fled the scene. But he has to watch out for another beast under the river. He is none other than the crocodile. If the baby is not careful, the crocodile can give him a hard time!  Last an elephant died because a crocodile bit him on the leg.

The baby can’t imagine a life without this river. But there is a problem, soon the summer will come and dry the river to its bottom. It’s a time for the elephant herd to move out of their comfort zone in search of water. Till that time he is happy, let him enjoy!


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