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Fluffy Never Gets Tired

fluffy the gorilla
How Cute He Is!

Don’t Worry Baby Fluffy Is Here For You!

The gorilla wanted everybody’s attention. In the zoo, he was not alone, there were a few of them. But he wanted all the attention from the visitors. People call him fluffy because he has a fat body. He loves to perform all his tricks before his guests to make them laugh. If he spots a kid in the guest, he is more entertaining. Kids love fluffy.

How fast he climbs a tree and jumps from one to another, all he needs is attention. He never disappointed his guests in the zoo, and people get a lot to laugh watching fluffy perform.

One day while performing for his guests, fluffy noticed something has fallen from a kid. Fluffy got down from the tree. He saw a baby cat. The baby cat was so cute, it was crying in pain from falling.  He carefully took the cat in his hand and gave him back to the kid. It was a moment of truth for fluffy, everybody clapped at him and praised him for the good job he did in saving the baby cat.

Have you ever seen fluffy in the zoo?

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