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How He Became The King's Horse

At last, somebody is coming to me!

A horse lived a lonely life on an island. He was lonely. He had only one friend, a seagull. The horse wanted to live a real horse life. But he had nothing to do on the island.

“You will one day become a popular horse admired by all,” the seagull used to tell the horse.

Every day, the horse went to the seashore to watch the ships going by. One day, the horse was standing on the seashore saw a ship coming to the seashore. The excited horse started jumping with joy.

“Somebody is coming to me at last,” the horse was overjoyed.

The ship anchored. Few people get down. They swam to the seashore. Seeing the horse, they caught it and took the horse into the ship.

“At last, I am being recognized,” the horse said to himself.

The ship sailed into another land, where the horse was sold to the king. As the king’s elite horse, he got good training and became the most trusted horse of the king. Everybody admired the horse for his speed. The horse became popular and got many friends in the king’s palace.

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