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Hold On Baby, You Can Do It!

Ah, I Can't!

The baby lion is being trained to hunt by his father. It’s his first hunting attempt, he thought it was going to be easy to attack the bull. He jumped upon the bull, but the young lad is now finding it hard to hold on to the bull. From a distance, his dad was watching his son’s performance.

The bulls are so powerful that they can shake its body to throw away an attacking lion and injure it. A lion’s claws should be powerful to tightly hold on to the bull. The young lion was struggling to hold on to the bull’s body. But then it happened, the powerful bull shook the lion violently. The lion fell. The bull ran away and escaped.

“Don’t worry, my boy. You did a good job, but there is a lot to learn. Work hard on mastering this skill, and one day you’ll become a true lion,” said the father lion.

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