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Animal Circus

Come And See Our Performance!

The countryside cat and the baby elephant are friends. Whenever the cat finds the baby elephant standing alone, he goes to the elephant and plays with him.  “Hey, let’s do something different today. Let’s entertain people by performing together. I will sit on your trunk, and you take me around,” said the cat.

“Um, that’s a good idea. We will get a lot of attention, then let’s do it! Just sit on my trunk and ” said the elephant.  The cat tried to sit still on the elephant’s trunk. But the cat fell down from the trunk of the elephant. After several attempts, now the cat can sit and balance himself on the elephant’s trunk.

The elephant started walking around. People who saw the elephant and the cat started clapping. “Isn’t he a brave cat?” they said to each other. Everywhere they went, kids were happy to see them. They gave the elephant a lot of bananas, the cat also got a lot of fish to eat.

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