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Please, Don't Do This To Us

elephant and the bird on the tree
Please leave us!

“Hey what is happening to my home? who is shaking it?”

The anxious bird looked out of her nest. What she saw under the tree made her frightening. An elephant was shaking the tree. “Please do not do this to us, please do not uproot this tree. My little ones are sleeping inside my nest,” screamed the little bird.

cat on the seaside 

The elephant looked up, saw the bird. “Oops, I am sorry dear, I didn’t know that I was disturbing you. I was just rubbing my itching skin against this tree. I am sorry about that, I will look for another tree to rub my skin,” said the elephant and he reached out for another tree. The little bird was greatly relieved and thanked the elephant for leaving her home intact.

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