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Saving A Baby Elephant

elephant and the dog
Come With Me!

The baby elephant saw the dog staring at him. “Hey, baby, why are you here? what do you want?” asked a dog. “You are in the wrong place dear, if you don’t leave this place at once, people will come and catch you,” said the dog. “I am sorry, I have come from the forest I lost my way back. Can you please help me to go back,” said the elephant.

“Oh, sure I am happy to help you out of the village, but you have to wait till night, otherwise people will find you. I will tale you to a perfect hiding place,” said the dog. The dog took the elephant to the mountain valley to a big cave. He asked the elephant to remain inside the cave the whole day.

The poor elephant baby had to spend the whole day inside the cave because he wanted to join his family in the forest at the earliest. Somehow, he made it to the night. The whole village was fast asleep. The dog came to the elephant. “Hey, you just follow me, don’t make any noise,” said the dog. Both the dog and the baby elephant walked in the direction of the forest.

After a long walk, they reached the forest. The baby elephant thanked the dog for his timely help. “No problem dear. Never lose your path again,” said the dog and he said goodbye to the baby elephant and walked back to the village.

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