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The Monkey Who Tried To Climb An Elephant

Let me climb upon him.

The monkey went to an elephant. The elephant was sleeping. The monkey slowly tiptoed and climbed upon the elephant. The monkey sat upon the elephant.

“Wow, I am great. I’ve got a big elephant under my control. Now, I am the most powerful monkey in the world,” the monkey said to himself.

A lion appeared before the elephant and roared. The elephant woke up from its sleep and saw the lion. The lion was ready for the fight. The elephant and the lion started fighting.

The monkey who sat upon the elephant was shivering with fear.

“Hey, I want to get down, but not during this fight. Let me wait for the fight to be over,” the monkey thought. It clinched upon the elephant. But the fight was getting even worst. The lion was attacking the elephant with its powerful pouncing. The elephant also was fighting fiercely. Suddenly the monkey fell from the back of the elephant.

“Oh, I think I broke my backbone. I feel pain in my back,”  the monkey said to himself. The pain was severe. Somehow, the monkey managed to hide near the bush.

“If I had asked the permission of the elephant before climbing it, I could have avoided this situation. I will never do something without asking permission,” thought the monkey.

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