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How Tiger's Fear Turned To Curiosity

Oops, they are on our way!

The tiger was waiting for its next prey and noticed something strange object moving down the cliff. On a closer look, the tiger was shocked to t that the moving object was a vehicle loaded with people.

“The tiger’s eyes widened in surprise, and he nudged the tigress, urging her to be cautious. “We need to hide, my dear. It might be the villagers searching for me. Last time I had trouble with the villagers while I was in the village looking for something to eat,” the tiger whispered to the tigress.

Time to Hide

“I have warned you several times not to go to that village. You never listened. Now we are in trouble,” lamented the tigress.

I’m sorry darling. I will never go to that village again in my life. But now we need to find a hiding place as fast as we can,” said the tiger.

Before the tigers could go and hide, the vehicle was just before them. They exchanged a quick glance, sensing the imminent danger. The vehicle’s engine hummed softly. Instead of angry villagers, they saw happy people with their cameras. 

The sound of excited chatter filled the air. The tourists took photos of the tiger and tigress. The tiger’s fear slowly turned into curiosity. The tigers heaved a sigh of relief when they realized it was a group of tourists. They also were excited to see people taking photos and gave them good poses.

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