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The Cow Learning Music

Teach Me To Sing A Song!

This cow was listening to the birds singing. In fact, the cow was a great fan of bird music. Whenever a bird sings, the cow listens to the bird and nods her head to the tune of music, sometimes dancing too. The cow always wanted to sing like a bird.

“One day, I will sing like one of these birds,” thought the ambitious cow.

So the cow decided to check with a well-singing bird whether it could teach her how to sing. The bird said ok, and it began to give lessons to the cow. The cow had a hard time singing because her sound was loud and alarming.

When the cow began to sing, everybody started running away from her, because she sounded like a war cry.  After a couple of practice sessions, the cow understood learning music was not her cup of tea, and she can’t sing like a bird.

“Anyway, I can be a good listener and appreciate good music,” she said to herself, and stopped learning music.

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