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I Think I Am VIP Here

Glad to meet you all dears!

Hey, kids, I am Kavi, an elephant from the forest thousands of miles away than you can imagine. look at this. I have so many visitors today. Everybody is looking at me with a lot of surprise in their eyes. I think they must be seeing an elephant for the fist time.

For the last several days, I was traveling on the ship to reach this new place. They call it a zoo. Everything is different here than in the forest where I grew up. Hey, these kids are laughing at me and telling me something. I think they are admiring my beauty.

In the forest, I never got this much attention. But here everybody is giving me their full attention. The zoo workers are very kind to me and gave me many things I have never tasted before. Wow, the leaves I chew now is the best one I have ever eaten.

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