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Rainy Day Encounters: Lily and the Wise Tortoise

This a great shower!

Lilly was a curious and kind-hearted girl. Lilly’s village was beautiful, with lush greenery everywhere. Lilly was curious about nature and animals living in the neighborhood. Her garden was a beautiful one, with lots of flowers and butterflies flying around them.

On a rainy day, Lilly started walking in her garden.

After walking for some time, Lilly saw a tortoise. “Wow, it’s a tortoise,” Lilly’s eyes opened wide in excitement and her face lightened with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Lily. What’s your name?” the curious girl asked.

“I love the rain, so I came out of my cozy spot by the lake to enjoy its refreshing touch,” said the tortoise.

“That’s good to know. What’s your name?” asked Lilly.

“My name is Sammy. I live in the lake,” said the tortoise.

Lily’s eyes sparkled with curiosity as she gazed at Sammy’s magnificent shell.

“Glad to meet you, Sammy. I am curious about the shell you are carrying on your back. Why do you have this shell?” asked Lilly.

Sammy replied, his voice filled with a hint of pride. “This shell is my shield, a protective gear God gave me. When danger lurks I retreat into this sturdy shell and leave the predators puzzled.”

“Wow, that’s a good strategy. Can you show me how do you do it?” asked Lilly.

“Here you go,” the tortoise hides himself in the shell. After some time, he came out of the shell.

“Um, you are interesting, Sammy. We’ll meet you again,” said the girl and went home and Sammy walked slowly to the lake where he lives.

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