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Umbrella Rabbit

"Hey bro, why this umbrella?

The bird sitting on a high tree watched a rabbit walking with an umbrella in its hand. The bird wondered why the rabbit always carried an umbrella.

“Hey there, you always carry an umbrella with you. It’s not raining, and I can see there is no chance of rain today,” said the bird.

“Thanks for asking me instead of making fun of me like others do. Ok, I will tell you why I carry an umbrella with me. It’s not for rain or sun, but I use this umbrella for a different purpose. I can show you how I use this umbrella if you come with me,” said the rabbit.

“Sure, I will follow you,” said the curious bird.

Soon, the bird and the rabbit reached a river. The rabbit stopped at the river, flipped the umbrella upside down in the water, and hopped in. The rabbit then rowed its umbrella boat with a small stick as a paddle to cross the river, which would have been impossible otherwise. Seeing the clever use of an umbrella, the bird was surprised.

“Um, you truly are a genius!” said the bird.

“No, there is no genius required. It’s just a matter of thinking differently to overcome obstacles. Sometimes, there is a different use with the things you use otherwise, like this makeshift boat with an umbrella,” said the rabbit. The bird nodded its head in agreement.

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