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Tiger And The Elephant Baby Hide-And-Seek

I found you!

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, please play with me,” invited the elephant.’‘

“Me, play with an elephant? No way. Do you know who I am? I am a wild predator and am going for hunting. I don’t have any time to waste playing with a silly baby like you. I am too busy,” said the tiger.

“I challenge you to play with me hide-and-seek. I will go hiding, and you should find me,” said the baby elephant.

The tiger accepted the challenge, and the baby elephant went hiding. The tiger looked for the baby elephant everywhere but couldn’t find it.

The tiger using its special hunting skills searched for the baby elephant. It sniffed the area and looked for any slight movement of the baby elephant’s presence. But the baby elephant was in a place the tiger couldn’t locate. The tiger sat under a tree, exhausted and disappointed. Then the tiger heard a cough. It was the baby elephant. The tiger ran to the place where the sound was heard.

As the tiger reached the location, it discovered the baby elephant tucked away behind a large tree trunk, using its small size to its advantage. The tiger let out a playful growl, acknowledging the elephant’s successful hiding skills. Despite being a predator, the tiger appreciated the challenge and the effort put into the game.

The baby elephant emerged from its hiding spot, wearing a mischievous grin.

“You found a good hiding place. If you had not coughed, I would have never found out,” said the tiger.

The tiger left the place for its hunting, and the baby elephant ran to its mother.

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