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The Monster Hunt

You are a fool baby, there is no monster exists!

“What nonsense you are talking, baby. There is no monster here!” said the tiger.

“No sir, I am sure that there is a monster. My mom told me, don’t go near that bush. When I go near the bush, it swings,” said the baby elephant.

“Ok, in that case, let me see. I don’t believe in any monsters at all. Now I am going to prove that there is no monster there. Come with me, you coward,” said the tiger as he walked to the bush, followed by the baby elephant.

The tiger approached the bush putting each step carefully. The bush was not swinging at all.

“See, I told you there is no monster here,” said the tiger laughingly. Suddenly, the bush started swinging wildly. The shocked tiger started running, screaming, “Run for your life, there is a monster, there is a monster.”

But the baby elephant didn’t run. It stayed near the bush laughing at the running tiger. Two rabbits emerged from the bush. They were playing monsters to frighten the tiger by hiding inside the bush and swinging it.

“Friends, now you don’t worry about that tiger at all. He or his friends will never come this way,” said the baby elephant.

The rabbits thanked the baby elephant for his clever idea to keep the tiger away from their dwelling place.

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