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Little Rabbit's Adventurous Journey

Hi baby. Wait there, Let me open the door for you!

The little rabbit was walking all the way to her grandma’s home. She saw a cute house and stopped there.

Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

“Ah, this must be my grandmas’ house. It’s a cute one. Let me knock on the door and give her a big surprise,” the little rabbit said to herself and knocked on the door. 

The window opened, and a head popped out of the window. It was a fox. The little rabbit was terribly wrong about her grandma’s house. It belonged to a villain fox, cruel and cunning.

An Open Invitation

“Seeing the rabbit, the fox was excited. Stop there, let me open the door for you,” said the fox and ran towards the door to open it. The little rabbit sensed danger and started running. When the fox opened the door, the fox couldn’t find the little rabbit anywhere. The little rabbit went hiding in a nearby bush. The fox searched for the little rabbit but couldn’t find it. The fox went inside murmuring.

Meeting Grandma

After waiting some time, the little rabbit continued her journey to her grandma’s home. Walking for a while, the little rabbit saw another cute house. But this time, she was very cautious. She knocked on the door and hid in a nearby bush to see who was coming out.

She waited inside the bush. An old rabbit came out of the door. The little rabbit made sure that it was her grandma and ran towards her grandma, and hugged her. Her grandma was happy to see her granddaughter.

The little rabbit told Grandma what happened with the fox on the way.

“Oh, my girl. You had a narrow escape from that villain fox. Nobody can fool that fox because he is too smart. Anyway, you reached me safely. Thank God!” said the grandma.

Both the rabbits spend time together chatting. Grandma prepared a tasty Carrot dessert for her beloved little rabbit. They had a great time together.

A few days later, it was time for the little rabbit to return because her school was reopened after the winter. The little rabbit started walking to her home with the gifts her grandma gave her.

On her way back, she saw the fox’s house. But she was careful, took a break, and waited inside the bush to see if the fox was not at home before passing that house. The fox was not at home, and she walked to her home fearlessly and reached home safely.

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