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Renny And The Tiger

I can't see you, my dear

“Hey, is that Remy, the rabbit?” Theodore, the tiger, asked.

“Yes, I’m Remy, the rabbit. I was coming from the market, thought that I spend some time with you, dear,” said Remy.

Theodore, the tiger, was too old to walk now. Old age brought him down. His muscles are not supporting him anymore. Every time Theodore tries to walk, he falls down. In his young years, Theodore was a strong animal. His loud roar was enough to tremble the whole forest. But now, he is old and can’t roar like a real tiger.

“Nobody wants to spend time with me except you, Remy. I’m glad you stop here every time you pass this place. Old age is the most dreaded phase everyone has to pass in life,” said the tiger.

“What have you bought from the market? Your usual carrots?” asked the tiger.

“Yes, I got some fresh carrots. Need some?” asked Remy.

“Of course, thanks for sharing,” said the tiger. The tiger ate the carrots Renny gave to him.

“I’m happy to have a friend like you. You are a good rabbit. May god bless you, my child,” said the tiger.

“Sharing what I have with others makes me happy,” Renny said. The tiger also smiled at Renny. Renny went home happy.

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