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The Arrogant Frog Became Humble Again

I won't let you go until you answer my question!

The frog was arrogant and thought that a frog was the strongest animal in the world. During the last frog wrestling match, the frog won it. Getting the first prize in the wrestling match added to its arrogance.

One day, the frog saw a baby elephant on the way. “Let me test this baby’s general knowledge,” the frog said to himself.

“Hey baby, stop there. I won’t let you go until you answer my big question,” said the frog to the elephant.

“Ok, what’s your question?” asked the elephant

“Who is strongest, an elephant or a frog?” asked the frog.

“Of course, a frog,” said the elephant.

“You said it right, baby. Now you are free to go,” said the frog, and it let the elephant go.

A Cry For Help

The elephant walked. Suddenly, it heard a frantic help cry. The elephant looked back and saw a snake catching the frog. The elephant immediately rushed towards the snake and asked the snake to leave the frog. The snake was frightened seeing the elephant and left the frog, and vanished into the nearby bush.

“If you were not there, I would have ended up as a lunch for that snake. I am sorry. You are the strongest animal,” said the frog.

The elephant didn’t say anything, smiled, and walked away. The arrogant frog became a humble frog and never boasted about himself.

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