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Dreaming Eelephant

Will My Good Old Days Ever Come Back?

We elephants have got a lot of memories tucked in our big brains. Those good old days make me still smile. We were a big herd of elephants ramping around the forest. We traveled from one place to another, looking for new places to eat and play.

I still remember an incident that is still bright in my memory. One day, our herd went for a picnic to the nearby village. It was night, and we thought nobody was watching us.

But somehow, the villagers got awake. Seeing the big herd of elephants, they were angry. They were angry at us, because they thought we were there to destroy their corps. They came with sticks and drummed loudly to keep us away. We had to leave the place running.

Now, I am old. I can’t walk much and stays in this place dreaming about my glorious past. Will those days ever come back?

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