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Two Old Warriors Meeting

No more fighting, please!

The old tiger was walking around. The tiger lost all its power when it was young. In its younger years, the tiger was a terror in the forest, fast and furious. Nobody dared enough to confront him. Those good old days are gone.

Now the tiger is weak and struggling to even walk. All its strong muscles are gone now. Only a feeble voice comes from the tiger instead of a roar. On the way, he saw a big rock.

“I never saw a rock like this before,” the tiger said to himself and looked up. What he took as a rock was actually an elephant. In its younger years, the tiger will never leave an opportunity to fight with an elephant. But now he can’t. How can a tiger who can’t even walk confidently fight an elephant?

“Hi, there,” the tiger greeted the elephant.

“Hi, Mr. Tiger,” I have no intention to fight with you. You see, I’m tired and old,” said the elephant

“That’s the same situation I am also. Since we can’t fight each other, let’s be friends,” said the tiger.

“Sure, now is the time for friendship,” the elephant said. Both the elephant and tiger became friends and sat on the lakeside, sharing their heroic stories while they were young.

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