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Encountering A Frog Monster

Can You Hear The Monster Cry?

The lion was strolling around to find a proper place to hunt and saw an elephant running toward him. The elephant was gasping for breath.

“Hey, Mr. Lion, we are in deep trouble. Monsters are attacking the forest,” said the elephant.

“What? Monsters? You must be kidding,” said the lion.

“No, sir, I’ve heard the monster crying. If you want to see yourself, come with me,” said the elephant.

Visiting The Monster

The elephant and the lion reached the monster’s place. Everything was silent. There was no evidence of a monster. The lion rebuked the elephant for telling lies and was about to go back. Then they heard a loud sound, “Chrome, chrome,” Oh, it must be a frog monster, let’s go from here,” said the lion, and started running, followed by the elephant.

Please Stay Away From The Pond

The frogs at the pond were having a good time with the loudspeaker. The loudspeaker was left by somebody near the pond. A frog cry from behind the loudspeaker could be heard a distance away. Every now and then, a frog will cry through the loudspeaker to keep animals coming to the pond. That way, they wanted to protect their privacy in the pond.

The elephant and the lion heard the cry of a frog through the loudspeaker, which they thought was cry of a monster.

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