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Helpful Frog

I love eating mosquitoes!

It was a fine spring morning. All animals were happy to welcome the spring. Life was in full swing. A rabbit was hopping around, enjoying the spring. Chrome, chrome, chrome, the rabbit heard a frog singing.

“How are you Sir? You sing well,” the rabbit admired the frog.

“I’m fine. Today, I feel very energetic. I am singing because I’m happy,” said the frog.

“Oh, yes. Today is a great day. This time winter was too harsh. Spring is a welcome break for animals like us,” said the rabbit.

What Do You Have For Breakfast?

The rabbit went to collect carrots, and the frog continued singing. After some time, the rabbit, on its way back, saw the frog. The frog was busy eating his breakfast.

“What do you have for breakfast, Mr. Frog?” asked the rabbit.

“I eat mosquitoes. They are plenty in this pond,” said the frog.

“What do you have for breakfast?” asked the frog.

“I have got some fresh carrots from the farm,” said the rabbit.

The rabbit ate the carrot, and the frog caught some mosquitoes.

“I pity you, Mr. Frog. Why don’t you eat something else other than eating those mosquitoes? Have a carrot instead,” the rabbit offered the frog some carrots.

It’s A Service, I Am Rendering You All

“I can’t eat carrots like you because I don’t have sharp teeth like you have. I love eating these mosquitoes because I don’t need a sharp teeth to eat mosquitoes. I just swallow them. Here you, go, Gulp!” the frog swallowed a mosquitoes by catching it with his tongue.

Think about it. If I stop eating mosquitoes, they will grow large in number and turn out to be a menace to all of you by their biting,” said the frog.

“Oh, I see! Thank you, Mr. Frog, for such a wonderful service you are doing. I am sorry, I didn’t know the service you are rendering to us,” said the rabbit and went home. The frog smiled, and continued to catch mosquitoes.

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