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Tiger's Night Out!

Don't make any noice!

“Oops, this damn tiger is here again. This time too, it will do something bad,” thought the cat on the rooftop.

The tiger from the nearby forest was paying an unsolicited visit to the village. It had no good intention behind that visit but to steal cows. The cat on the rooftop had no idea what to do other than stare at the tiger. The tiger stared back at the cat.

“You silly cat should not come down or make any sound to alert the villagers,” was the meaning of that stare. The cat was frozen with fear.

The tiger spotted a cattle shed and walked toward it. The cows in the cattle shed were its target. The tiger entered the cattle shed through the open door.

“These foolish villagers have no idea how a smart tiger gets its prey,” the tiger looked around to spot the right cow to steal. But suddenly, the tiger heard a loud sound behind him.

It’s A Trap?

“Hey, what happened?” thought the tiger and looked back. The door of the cattle shed was closed behind the tiger. To its surprise, the tiger saw no cows in the cattle shed. The angry tiger roared with all its strength, nothing more he can do to save himself from the trap.

“Oh my god, it was a trap. I should have made sure that this cattle shed was safe before entering. Now, I lost my freedom forever,” the tiger cursed himself. Hearing the loud noise of the trap door, villagers came running. When they saw the tiger in their trap, they were happy.

Visting The Zoo

The next day, the tiger caught in the trap was transported to the zoo. The tiger will spend the rest of his life in the comfort of the zoo.

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