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In Search Of Green Pastures

Wow, this green pasture is what I have in my dreams!

“Hello, Good afternoon, miss. I come from the forest visiting this village as a tourist. I find my forest is far better than this dying village. In the forest we have a lot of things to eat. Do you want to come with me as my guest?” asked the tiger, who was in the village.

“Nope, I fear forest, and I don’t like adventures of any sort. Please excuse me,” the cow replied.

“I pity you, Miss cow. I wanted to show you the wonders of the forest. You are losing green pastures deep in the forest. All you get to eat here is straw,” said the tiger.

After telling the cow about the forest, the tiger finally lured the cow to go with him to the forest. The tiger wanted to eat the cow, but not in the village because village folks will kill the tiger.

The cow was dreaming about the green pastures the tiger told her and decided to go with the tiger. After walking for a while, the cow heard the sounds of the forest. It was terrifying. The cow wanted to go back.

“Please excuse me, Mr. Tiger. I want to go back. My kids will be looking for me. It’s time they are back from school,” said the cow.

“I am sorry dear. I brought you here not to show you green pastures but to eat you,” said the tiger laughingly.

The cow realized that it was a trap she was in. She couldn’t find how to save herself from the tiger. The cow started weeping. Just then, another tiger appeared. The other tiger started fighting with the tiger who brought the cow. The fight was over the issue of who’ll eat the cow. Taking that opportunity, the cow started running. The tigers were busy fighting, so they didn’t see the fleeing cow.

After running for a while, the cow reached home safely. She heaved a sigh of relief. She saw her kids worried about their missing mother.

“Hey, mom is back,” the kids were overjoyed seeing their mother and came running to her.

“Where were you, mother? We were too worried not seeing you,” asked the cow kids.

The cow told her what happened to her with the tiger. “Never believe somebody who gives you an unbelievable offer,” said the cow mother. Her kids nodded their head in agreement.

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