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Chasing An Elephant For Nothing

“Hey, babies, what happened? Why are you running here and there?” Rusty the rooster asked its frightened kids.

“Dad, a big monster was frightening us,” said the babies.

“Let me see,” said the rooster and went to the backyard. Instead of a monster, rusty the rooster saw an elephant, Ellie standing, waving its trunk. With her huge ears flapping and her trunk swaying, Ellie accidentally startled the little chicks, causing them to chirp in fear.

“You scoundrel elephant, why are you frightening my kids? I will kill you,” said the rooster. Seeing the angry rooster, the elephant started running. The rooster was chasing the elephant.

The elephant stopped at a nearby riverside, gasping for breath. The rooster also stopped. Both the animals stared at each other.

“I am sorry dear. I meant no harm to your kids. They were such adorable chicks. I was trying to talk to them. But they got terrified seeing me. Please don’t misunderstand me,” said the elephant.

The rooster understood what the elephant had said. “Ok, Ellie, I am sorry for that. Please come with me, and I’ll introduce you to my kids. Let their fear vanish. Next time they won’t get frightened seeing an elephant,” said the rooster.

Back home, the rooster introduced the elephant to his kids. The kids were happy to see the elephant. They became friends. Rusty’s kids were no longer afraid of Ellie. In fact, they would often ride on Ellie’s back, giggling with delight as they journeyed across the farm.

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