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Little Cat Misadventure

I am sorry, if I disturbed you in anyway!

The little cat came to a screeching halt. Standing before it was a big bulldog staring at the cat. The cat was running after a mischievous rat. The cat wanted to end the rat and tried many times to catch the rat. Unfortunately, this time too, the rat disappeared to nowhere. It was so close, but the bulldog made the cat stop.

Froze with fear at the staring bulldog. It didn’t know what to do to save itself from the bulldog. But taking courage, the cat was talking to the bulldog.

“Oops, I apologize, Mr. Bulldog. I am so sorry if I disturbed your sleep. Did you happen to see a rat pass by? I was in hot pursuit of that mischievous rat who creates problems every day,” the cat meekly inquired, its voice trembling slightly. But the bulldog didn’t utter a word, wore a grim expression on its face, still staring at the cat.

Since the bulldog was still staring even without blinking its eyes, the cat slowly turned its back and swiftly dashed away. The bulldog didn’t follow the cat. Why? Because it was just a doll. Anyways, the rat had a narrow escape this time.

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