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Sad Baby Elephant Becomes Happy Again

I Am A Good For Nothing Fellow

“You look very sad. What happened?” a bird asked the young elephant Samy.

“I am sad, because nobody understands me! Whatever I do makes me fool before others,” said the baby elephant.

“Hey, please don’t think like that Samy. I can see you a smart baby, energetic and always offering help to others. The other day, I saw you helping a little rabbit to come out from a pit he had fallen,” said the bird.

“Thank you bird. At least one person is noticing me doing good things,” said the baby elephant.

“Not just one person. God is also seeing what you are doing to help others. Continue doing good things. Don’t think negative about yourself. Always be positive,” said the bird.

Thank you bird. You opened my eyes and heart. Now I feel a lot encouraged. Your kind words helped me a lot,” said the baby elephant.

Just then, Sammy heard some animal screaming for help. “Hey somebody is in need for help. Let me go and help,” said Sammy. As Sammy and the bird hurried to the scene, they discovered a trapped deer struggling to free itself from a thorny bush. Sammy immediately rushed to the deer’s aid, using its strong trunk to gently push the thorny branches aside.

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