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Fox And The Dead Rabbit

Um, this rabbit is dead!

On a winter afternoon, the hungry fox was searching for food. On its way to his usual hunting spot, the fox saw a cute rabbit.  His eyes gleamed with excitement.

“I am so lucky today. My food is waiting for me!,” the fox thought.

The fox’s mouth watered at the thought of a tasty rabbit dinner. The fox wanted to eat it. But when he reached the rabbit, it was not moving.

““Hey, what the hell is happening? I thought I had to chase the rabbit. But the rabbit is not moving at all,”

The fox poked the rabbit thinking that it was sleeping. But there was no response from the rabbit.

I Am So Unlucky!

“Oh, it seems this rabbit is dead. What a shame. I am so unlucky, I got a dead rabbit! I can’t eat a dead rabbit. It will make me sick,” With a sigh, the cunning fox turned away from the motionless rabbit and left it behind.

It’s Time To Escape!

The clever rabbit was merely playing a trick. As soon as the fox was out of sight, the rabbit opened its eyes, hopped to its feet, and scampered away. It had fooled the fox and managed to escape safely.

Back home, the rabbit shared his fox encounter story with his family. The rabbit’s dad and mom were shocked at the story. At the same time, they felt proud of their son’s smartness.

“You need to be more careful next time, son. You should avoid such predators on the way by being more alert,” his dad advised.

“I’ll sure, Dad. I did a mistake by taking an unknown path to home,” said the rabbit.

“I’m proud of you, my son. Look, what I have bought for you?” the rabbit’s dad pointed to a bunch of freshly picked carrot. 

The rabbit family celebrated their son’s smartness. They invited friends and relatives to a party. Everybody appreciated the rabbit’s smartness.

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