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A Wild Escape

Have you seen a fluffy bunny somewhere here?

The fox was chasing the little bunny to eat it. But, oh my! In a blink of an eye, the bunny vanished into thin air, leaving the fox puzzled. Then the fox saw a bird sitting on a tree.

“Have you seen a bunny come running,” asked the fox.

“No, I didn’t see any bunny,” said the bird and looked somewhere else. The fox was sure that the bird was lying to him. So he said to the bird.

“I wanted to declare happy news to the bunny that she is selected for the beauty contest organized by the fox club,” said the cunning fox.

“Ok, if I see that bunny, I will tell the good news to her and ask her to meet you,” said the bird.

The fox ran in another direction, looking for the bunny.

“Come out, little bunny, from your hiding place. That cunning fox has gone,” said the bird.

The bunny came out of her hiding place behind the rock and thanked the bird for saving its life. The fox couldn’t find the bunny and returned home disappointed.

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