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The baby elephant who was strolling around saw a bunny rabbit.

“Where are you going?” asked the rabbit.

“I am exploring the world around me,” said the elephant.

“That’s great. But I wonder, have you got permission from your mother to go alone?” asked the rabbit.

“Oops, No. I didn’t. I saw a beautiful butterfly and was following it,” said the elephant.

“You are a small baby. If you are going alone, it’s too dangerous. There are wild animals that can eat you. I saw several lions a few miles away. So now you should go back to your mother,” the rabbit advised the baby elephant.

“Oh, God. I fear lions. Thank you very much for letting me know about the Lions. I am going back. My mother might be now looking for me. Let me go back,” said the elephant and rushed to its mother.

The bunny smiled at the elephant as he started running to its mother.

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