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Hide And Seek

Hm, The Deer Friends

Two deer friends, Daisy and Bucky were playing with their friends.

“Ok, let’s play hide and seek. Daisy and Bucky will go hiding and we’ll find them,” said one of the deer.

There they went. Daisy and Bucky found a great hiding place. They were sure that their friends will not find them. Friends searched for Daisy and Bucky, but they couldn’t find them.

As Daisy and Bucky waited in their hiding spot, giggling and whispering to each other, they had no idea that a mischievous tiger was lurking nearby. The tiger had spotted their hiding place and couldn’t resist the opportunity for a playful surprise.

Just as their friends were about to give up their search, the tiger pounced out from behind the rock, roaring playfully. Daisy and Bucky gasped in surprise and quickly realized it was their new friend, Tilly the Tiger.
“Tilly, you scared us!” Daisy exclaimed, her heart still racing from the sudden fright. Bucky joined in with a nervous laugh, realizing that they had been found by someone unexpected.

Tilly’s eyes sparkled with mischief as she replied, “I couldn’t resist joining in the game. Hide and seek is my favorite! I hope I didn’t frighten you too much.”

Daisy and Bucky looked at each other and smiled. Despite the initial scare, they were excited to have Tilly as part of their hide and seek adventure. They quickly forgave her and decided to make the most of the situation.

“Since you found us, Tilly, how about we team up and find the others together?” Bucky suggested, his eyes twinkling with excitement.
Tilly’s stripes seemed to brighten as she nodded in agreement. “Absolutely! Let’s show our friends how well we can hide and seek together.”

With that, the trio set off to find their friends. Daisy, Bucky, and Tilly moved through the forest, using their agility and keen senses to search for the other deer. They peeked behind bushes, tip-toed over fallen logs, and listened for any signs of movement.

Their friends, who were growing impatient, were amazed when they saw Daisy, Bucky, and Tilly approaching. “Wow! You found each other! That was quick,” one of the deer exclaimed. Daisy smiled and replied, “Yes, we have a fantastic helper. Meet Tilly the Tiger!”

The other deer greeted Tilly warmly, their initial surprise replaced with curiosity and excitement. Tilly explained how she stumbled upon Daisy and Bucky and decided to join their game.

The group decided to continue playing hide and seek, but this time with a twist. Tilly offered to be the seeker, using her tiger stealth and sharp senses to find each hiding deer. Everyone agreed, eager to experience the excitement of the game with their new friend.

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