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Losing A Big Fish Is Easy

I Will Do It Again!

Catching a big fish was always the cat’s fantasy. The cat wanted to prove his ability among his friends. So it was waiting for a big fish sitting on the riverside. After sometime, the cat saw a fish bigger than he thought, swimming in the river.  The cat walked alongside the swimming fish. When it was too close, the cat grabbed the fish.

“Hey, I got a big fish,” the cat screamed. It was indeed a big fish the cat was holding in its mouth. The very first catch of the day made his heart thumbing with you. But the fish was too big a catch for the cat. The big fish struggling to escape the cat, shaking its body wildly. The cat was holding the big fish in its mouth had a hard time to keep the fish calm.

The fish was heavy and strong. It took the cat under the water. The poor cat was gasping for breath. Finally, the cat had to leave the fish.  All his friends watching the struggling cat were worried about what happened to the cat. But when the cat emerged from the water, they pulled him to the river bank.

The cat was lying unconscious. After some time the cat opened its eyes. He saw his friend laughing at him for losing the big fish.

“I lost my prestige among my friends. I was greedy to catch a big fish.  It’s my mistake trying to prove I am something before others. I will never repeat this mistake again,” the cat said to himself and waited for the next fish. This time a small fish was all he wanted.

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