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Escaping A Tiger

Hey, please stop making noise, the tiger is here!

Two rabbits were playing around. Suddenly, a tiger appeared.

“Don’t make any sound, or he’ll eat us,” one of the rabbits said. They stopped playing and waited for the tiger to go away.

The tiger saw the rabbits. The rabbits were frozen with fear. But surprisingly tiger didn’t attack them.

“Hey, don’t worry. I won’t eat you. I am looking for missing cub. He was playing with me, but when I went to sleep, my cub disappeared,” said the tiger.

“Oh that’s very sad to hear. Your son must not have gone far. We’ll keep an eye out for your little one,” one of the rabbits said.

“Thank you, kind rabbits. Your willingness to help warms my heart,” said the tiger

Searching For The Missing Cub

The rabbits started searching for the missing tiger cub. They went everywhere. Finally, they found the cub playing in a meadow. The rabbits ran to the mother tiger to let her know that they have found her cub. The mother tiger was happy to get her cub back and thanked the rabbits for their help.

“I am grateful for your kind help. I’ll never hunt you or let any other tigers to hunt you. I will always protect you. It’s a promise,” said the mother tiger.

Two rabbits were happy to hear that. They freely roamed around the forest, and nobody ever disturbed them.

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