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Train And The Cow

Why are you late?

Every day, this cow waits for the train before heading home. The cow developed a special friendship with the train. The train was ontime always, even a minute less, even a minute more! One day the cow was waiting for the train. But the train was not coming. The train got late. The cow waited and waited, but there was no sign of the train. After some time, the cow heard the whistle of the train.

“Why are you late today? You know, I can’t go home until you arrive. I was waiting for you. I am upset! Because of you, I got late too!” said the cow.

“I am sorry dear. I lost track on the way. See, I have a new driver driving me today. He drove me on the wrong track. That is why I am late today. You should have gone home by now. It’s already night,” said the train.

“No problem, I will manage. Anyways, I am happy to see you. See you tomorrow,” said the cow and she walked to her home.

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