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Who'll Bring Me Down?

Oops, I Can't Come Down

A baby cat somehow managed to climb the rooftop. “I am on top of the world. Wow, I see a different world from here! I am going to stay here forever!” he decided. A few hours passed, he was feeling hungry. He tried to come down, but he couldn’t. He was afraid of height. What shall I do now? he was confused. “Hey, baby, where are you?”  his mother was calling him to come down to eat his lunch, the fresh fish she got from the market. That was the moment of truth for the baby cat. He found himself unable to come down. 

“No problem baby, I will show you how you can come down

“Mom, look up, I am here on the rooftop, but I can’t come down, If I try to come down, I think I will fall,” said the baby cat. When the mother cat looked up, she saw her baby. But she was not in a shock. “No problem baby, I will show you how to come down. There is a stair on the other side of the roof. Use the stairs to come down,” said the mother cat.

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The baby cat followed her advice and came down. The mother hugged her son and told him that there is nothing to worry about, you are a brave cat, you keep practicing, and one day you will become an expert like me, she said. The baby cat was happy and enjoyed the fish his mother just brought from the market.

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