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There Is A Tiger On The Beach

What Are You Doing Here Baby?

The tiger baby walked and walked until he reached a seaside. The first time he was seeing the sea. The waves made him happy. “Bow, Bow, who are you? Why are you here?” asked a dog who was strolling on the beach. “Can’t you see, I am a tiger. I have come here to the beach to enjoy the waves. Some friends told me great things about the sea, and it’s mesmerizing. I would be spending some time here before going back to the jungle,” said the tiger baby.

“Look baby, this is not a safe place for a tiger. It’s good that nobody is here now, if people see you, you will be in trouble,” warned the dog. “I don’t care who sees me, but I want to see the sea from near. I am going near the waves to count them,” said the tiger baby. He moved closer to the sea to have a better feel of the sea.

“Hey, there is a tiger baby here, his mother must be somewhere near, inform the police,” somebody yelled. Soon the baby tiger was captured and caged. The dog saw everything and was sad to see the tiger inside the cage. Baby tiger started crying, help me please, won’t you?” he requested in tears.

“Sorry to see you like this baby, when I tried to help you, you didn’t listen to me. Now I can’t do anything, because I am a silly dog. I think you will up living in a zoo. If you are lucky, they will take you back to the place where you have come. Let’s hope for the best!” the dog said. Soon, the forest people took the tiger, of course, he was lucky, he was delivered to the place where he came from.

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