A Friend From Thousands Of Miles Away

Cow and the bird cartoon
Hey, Stranger, What Made You Come Here?

The cow saw a stranger. The stranger was a migratory bird who landed a few minutes ago. “Hey friend, I see you first time here. Where are you coming from? what made you come here, are you visiting somebody?” the curious cow asked the bird.

“Hi friend, I am coming from a faraway place thousands and thousands of miles away from here. The winter started and the snow started falling. That’s the time we birds prepare for our migration. We fly non-stop, over the mountains, seas to cover a long distance to reach this place. I am not alone, I have a lot of friends with me,” said the bird.

“Let’s be friends then,” said the cow. So both the cow and the bird have become friends. They exchanged their stories. The cow had a small calf. He was so amused about the stories bird told him about that wonderland. “Can you please take me to the place where you have come from? I’ve never seen the snow falling,” said the calf. 

“No dear, it is not possible. We escaped from the snow because God made us that way, gave us a pair of strong wings to escape the harsh weather. The snow is harsh and if we stay there, we will die during that time. We had to fly thousands of miles to save our lives to escape the bad weather.

You are blessed in many ways, my dear child! You don’t have to go anywhere.  Thie place is like a paradise. You have got everything somebody can dream about. Look around you, green meadows, a nice river, a lot of things to eat, you have got everything around you. Learn to be happy about what you have!” said the bird. The calf nodded his head in agreement and said thanks to the bird for that great piece of advice.

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