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Cat The Bird Watcher

Glad To Meet You

“Hello there, why are you watching me?” the bird asked the cat. “I am a bird watcher, I love to study about birds, that is why I watch the birds and keen to learn from them. You seem to be new here, where are you coming from?” the curious cat asked the bird.  “I am a migratory bird, flying from a faraway place located in another continent.  I’ll spend rest of my life time here. Glad to meet you, my dear friend,” the bird said.

The bird flew from a place thousands of miles away, non-stop to its new home. He was not alone, all his friends were with him. The cat welcomed the bird to its new home. “Glad to meet you, if you spot some suspicious humans, you should be careful. They have guns and may shot you down,”  the cat warned the bird about the hunters.

“Thanks for the reminder, my dear friend. I will be careful about that. After all, we birds are living in danger while on the sky or on the ground. Ah, I love these green paddy fields let me go there and see if I get some food. I am too tired after the long flight. Goodbye will meet you again” the bird moved to the paddy fields.

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