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Cat And The Duck Story

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It was a hot summer afternoon. The cat was resting under a tree. The baby duck saw the cat and went near him for friendship. “Hey, can we be friends? I like cats and would like to hear your story,” the baby duck said.

“You don’t know what a cat can do to baby duck, if any other cat in my place, he would have eaten you by now. A cat will never spare an opportunity if he spots a duck.  But I am not going to kill you, because you are so cute. But promise me you’ll never go to a cat other than me,” said the cat. “Yes, you are my friend, I will not go to any other cats,” said the baby duck.

Both friends started chatting. The cat told her a story how he managed to escape from an angry bulldog. The mother of the duck when she saw her baby chatting with the cat. She almost fainted with fear. She went hiding inside a bush and watched the duo. But she was greatly relieved when she saw the cat talking to the baby duck in a friendly manner.

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Nice story, nice cat and cute duck!

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