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Spy Crocodile And His Vicious Plans

Why Don't You Show Me Around?

One day a crocodile came out of the river. “Let’s go around for a walk, it’s a long time I have come out of the river, how me around,” the crocodile said to his bird friend. “I am happy to assist you, my dear friend,” said the bird, and the bird was showing him around. What the poor bird was not aware of was that the crocodile was spying around in search of easy prey.

The spy crocodile found some cows grazing in the meadows. “Hey friends, I am glad to see you around,” he said. The cows raised their heads and were happy to see a croc first time in their life. They were happy. The crocodile said they are wasting their time in the meadows and there is plenty of stuff to eat near the river. He invited the cows to the riverside to enjoy the sweet grass growing there. “Thanks for your visit and the kind information, Mr.Crocodile. We will pay a visit to the riverside tomorrow itself,” the cows said.

Back in the river, the crocodile told his friends about his successful mission of trapping the cows. Everybody appreciated his job. The next day they all were eagerly waiting for the cows to come. They planned to grab the cows one by one by hiding under the water. But no cows turned up.  “Where are your cows? Are you making us fools?” the crocodiles were angry with their spy and killed him. Who helped the cows from falling prey to the crocodile’s vicious plan?

There was an old cow among the heard. When she came to know about the crocodile’s visit, she sensed danger. She knew that the crocodile had no good intention to help the cows, instead, he wants to trap them. So she advised young cows not to go to the riverside and told them about the crocodile’s plans. The cows decided not to go to the riverside.

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