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Love Gives Us A Reason To Smile!

Here he comes!

The baby elephant girl is now grown up. She loves to come to this meadow. When she was a baby girl she used to come here with her mother for their picnic. Everytime they come here, they spent a lot of time in that place. But this time, she is here on a different purpose, to meet her friend. Here he comes, a tall male elephant.

He glanced at the elephant girl and smiled at her. She smiled back and their friendship started. They ran around the green meadows playing together singing songs.  He took her to his family. He belonged to a big aristocratic family. They lived in a mountain valley and there were a plenty of stuff to eat. Everybody in his family welcomed her. They gave her a lot of bananas to eat to her heart’s content. His family became her family too, she lived with them happily thereafter.

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