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Quak,Quak,It's Time For A Party!

Quak, Quak It's Party Time!

Two ducks were going for a party. Already late for the party, they were paddling as fast as they can through the river. Being the lead singers to the show, they were in a hurry. “It’s already late, the party must have begun, let’s hurry,” said one of the duck.

A fox was watching them on the river bank. “Hey, fellows, I see you that you both are in a hurry. I would like you to sing a song for a show I am organizing, you will be rewarded handsomely,” said the fox. The ducks knew that it was a trap and his actual intention was to eat them. But the fox can’t swim, so they are safe. “Sorry, Mr.Fox, we have shows committed for an entire year, and there is no slot left for you,” the ducks said.

Quak, Quak, It’s Time For The Party!

Soon, the ducks reached the party venue. The venue was heavily decorated, and there was plenty of food. The ducks jumped onto the center stage and started singing their favorite song. All ducks enjoyed their beautiful song. After the show, they had their food. It was just great, the worms tasted heaven. The ducks started their journey back home.

The same fox who had requested ducks performance was standing on a tree branch overlooking the river. He was patiently waiting for the ducks. When they reached his place, the fox jumped upon them. But the ducks were able to quickly divert and the fox was in the water. Somehow, the foxy was managed to escape but had to swallow a lot of water that made him sick for several days.

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