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Zebra, The Beauty Queen

Here Is My Last Question For You, Ms.Zebra

A Great Answer For A Tough Question

A beauty contest was in progress in the forest. The judge, the king lion, was sitting majestically on his throne, a high rock, judging the contestants. All types of animals were competing in the beauty contest. The lady elephant almost crushed the ramp. Fox lady looked beautiful in her new dress. There were many rounds in the beauty contest, and only a few animals could make it to the final round of the beauty contest.

“Here is the last question for you, Ms. Zebra. What will you say if somebody asks you to trade your stripes with one of their features,” asked the lion.

“I will say sorry. Because the stripes are not owned by me. How can I sell something which is not owned by me? My stripes are not transferable. It’s given by God when he created me and will be with me till I die. I don’t have any authority to sell my stripes or to make any kind of alteration on my stripes,” said the zebra.

The judge was impressed by the zebra’s answer. Finally, it was time to declare the winner. All animals were anxiously waiting for the winner’s declaration.

“Hey, fellas, I am happy to declare this year’s wildlife beauty contest winner. It’s none other than this striped zebra,” the lion declared the winner. All the animals congratulated the zebra for winning the beauty title. The zebra stood there with a shy face and thanked everyone.

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