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Elephant Bath Story

How long it will take you to finish it?

The bird watched the elephant who was taking a bath in the river. She was patiently waiting for the elephant to finish its bathing so that it could start fishing. After a while, the bird lost her patience and shouted at the elephant.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, this unfair. I’m waiting here for some time. How long it will take you to finish your bath? I want to catch some fish from the river for my food. I am too hungry!” said the bird.

“I am sorry dear, you see, I have a huge body, which needs thorough cleaning after I played in the dirt,” said the elephant.

“Oh, I see. You are playing in the dirt and washing it out later. You are stupid,” said the bird.

“I love to play in the dirt because that’s a lot of fun. I feel good when playing in the dirt. It is good for our body, but then we have to wash it away. Ok, here you go! I finished my bath, now you can catch your fish. Thanks for your patience,” said the elephant as it came out of the river.

“Thanks, let me check whether any fishes are there in the river. I hope you haven’t made them frightened,” said the bird. But when the bird looked for the fish, she could catch some good fish. “Ah, I am happy now. I got a good catch today,” she said to the elephant. The elephant smiled at the bird and walked away.

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