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Lion's Problem

Don't care about bad

For the last few days, the lion was sad. The giraffe asked the lion the reason for sadness. “I hate to tell you, but that’s the fact. Whenever people see me, they call me a beast. I can’t take it anymore,” said the lion. “Um, that’s not a good thing,” said the giraffe.

“What can I do now? I am fed up hearing this beast call,”  said the lion. “If you can take my advice, here it is. You have to focus on good things in life. In short, just don’t give ears to those people who call you a beast.

I think not all people call you a beast. For some people, lions are good. I have seen people waiting for hours just to have a glimpse of you and take photographs. That means, for many people, you are not a beast, but they see you as a majestic lion. They even want to befriend you,” said the giraffe. “Oh, I am so happy. You made my day. I am not a beast, but I am a majestic lion,” Thank you, Mr. Giraffe, for that personal advice,” said the lion. The giraffe smiled at the lion.

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