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Cat's Horse Ride

Ok, Ready To Go

I Am A Rider

“Ok, let’s go,” the cat said.

“You still want a ride? I have warned you about the dangers,” said the horse.
“You see, I am a brave cat. I have seen people riding on their horseback pretty cool. I think I can also do it. Do you know, a cat can do anything under the sun. So you just ride me. I can handle any situation,” said the cat.

The cat sat on horseback confidently. The horse started walking. At first, it was fun. “You need to go faster. I love speed. I am an adventure-seeking person,” said the cat. The horse increased its speed and started running. The cat found that it’s not easy to balance itself. He fell from the horseback.

“Oops, my back, it hurts!” the cat cried in pain.

“I’ve already warned you about this. You didn’t listen. Now just relax there. You will be alright soon,” said the horse and went its way.

“I will never dare a horse ride in my life again,” the cat said to himself.

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