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Lion's Invitation

lion and the camel
You Just Come With Me!

One day, the lion saw a camel. “Um, today is going to be my big day. I’ve heard that camel meat is so tasty. This is a good opportunity to taste the camel meat first hand,” thought the lion. But the lion was cautious before making any move, because there was a problem. The camel was standing near the tent. Lion knew that there are people with guns inside the tent. If the lion tries to catch the camel, people will shoot at him and kill him.

So the lion waited there, thinking about how to drive the camel out of that place. But the camel had no intention to go anywhere. It just stood there. Lion made sure that everybody in the tent was sleeping. They were taking some rest after days of travel.

The Kind Lion Offering Help

The lion tiptoed to the camel. “Hey friend, I was watching you. I feel pity for you. Why are you spoiling your life walking in the desert? I am here to take you to a lovely place. There you will get plenty of things to eat. Do you want to come with me?” the lion asked.

“Thanks for the invitation. But I am sorry, Mr. Lion, I can’t come. Because I love my life in the desert. I can’t think of a life without these sand dunes and sandstorms. This is my sweet home. Moreover, my owners are looking after me the best way they can.

Moreover, I can’t leave my friends here with me. You may go now, or I will make sound, and people will come out and shoot you,” said the camel in a firm voice. It was shocking for the lion. It thought luring the camel was easy, but the camel was clever. The lion ran away from the camel without looking back. The camel laughed loudly.

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