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Love For Flowers And A Proposal

What a beautiful flower

Here’s a romantic hero, a funny bear who is taking about his very first proposal.

Hello there, I am going to propose to her. She is the most beautiful bear girl I have ever seen in the forest. I am anxiously waiting for her to propose her. Anytime she will come. Hope she comes alone because I am so shy. I have chosen this bright red flower for her. I love its soft petals, which are arranged most beautifully. I love its beauty, and flowers make our earth so beautiful!

Surprised? Many think we bears do not appreciate beauty. But I want to correct you. You see, I love these flowers. Wherever I see a flower, I pluck it and enjoy it. It’s such a joy to enjoy the beauty of a fresh flower, and it smells heavenly. I hope she will accept my proposal.

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