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The Bird Who Sailed Liked A Duck

Wow, It's So Easy!

The Sailor Bird

One fine afternoon, a duck was swimming in the river. Everything was pleasant and peaceful.  “What a wonderful world it is,” the duck said to himself. I am glad that I have everything here. But then he saw a bird.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Duck. I’m glad to meet you,” the bird greeted the duck. The bird said that it was flying up in the sky and was too tired and sat on a tree. The duck envied the bird because a duck can’t fly like a bird. “I have to prove myself and show this silly bird how I am superior to him,” the duck said to himself.

“I know you can fly high, but can you sail in the river like me?” the duck challenged the bird.

“Of course, I can.  You want to see?” said the bird.

“Oh, I was just kidding. Please don’t try that it is not easy as you think. You will die drowning in the water,” warned the duck.

“No worries, here I go,” said the bird and flew. The bird had a perfect landing on a wooden log floating in the river. Now the bird was sailing on the wood log. The duck got shocked. He never expected that from the bird. “I am sorry, I will never challenge anybody on what I can do or what others can’t do,” said the duck.

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